About Us

Union Church of the Brethren

            …a place to call home!
Continuing the work of Jesus
    By inviting people to discover…grow…share…live
                            God’s Word,
                            God’s Love &
                            God’s Grace
Come…experience the love of Jesus Christ with friendly and inviting people who really care
about others.
In the Union Bridge Church of the Brethren you’ll find a group of people searching together –
    For direction, for answers to life’s most difficult questions and for a deeper faith.
We don’t pretend to have all the answers, but we will be glad to share with you what we have learned.
We are people who put emphasis on understanding and following the example of Jesus.
We are people who believe that Jesus’ life, death and resurrection were expressions of God’s love and calling. Our desire is to keep looking for ways to share that love – not just about ourselves, but with others.
We care deeply about each other and our surrounding community.
There is a place for you at our table!
Union Church of the Brethren
            …a place to call home!